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Implementing Semantic Web Technology for Digital Library Search Engine

State Islamic University of Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang has a lot of library collections such as books, thesis, journal, CD-ROM, etc. At present the system used to access information in a library has not been done based on knowledge but searched by querying of relational databases. The result is limiting search, not according to the perception of someone in search of the collection in a library. Semantic Web is one solution to minimize these problems. Semantic Web aims that computers can understand the meaning of web content. With the support of standard XML (Extensible Markup Language), RDF (Resource Description Framework) and OWL (Web Ontology Lenguage), semantic web can represent data on the web in a knowledge base that can be processed by computer. Thus, if the technology is applied in the search engine, it is expected to obtain more specific results. Based on experiments have been done can be concluded that the approach to ontology is one of the basic structure of information that can be used to perform a more specific search process in accordance with the wishes of the user.

Keywords: Digital Library, Search Engines, Semantic Web, Ontology, RDF, XML

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